Tuesday, 16 September 2008

307 days to go: Grey Dawn

A prison day today - catching up with my creative writers.
After a very late night (my sister in law and husband called last night) I grabbed together a few things from my wardrobe in the murky half-light of the grey dawn.
It ended up like this...
Shirt dyed black: Boden
White Waistcoat; Dorothy Perkins
Jeans: Gap Curvy
Shoes: Clark's


Stacy said...

For putting it together in the dark, it looks great! I love it!

Christina Lee said...

for being in the dark, you found the light (how poetic of me)-I like the white vest with it all

see you there! said...

You layer a vest over so many things and it always looks great. I'd like to try that and think I may have a vest stuck in the back of my closet somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Wish I had your curves...There are those Clark's again! Just went on the website to locate stores in California; I am getting some after I see how much you use yours!

Sheila said...

You look great!