Saturday, 20 September 2008

303 days to go: Forgive me bloggers for I almost sinned.....

Today was a busy day.
I don't normally work on a Saturday.
And I don't normally shop in Liverpool on a Saturday.
But I did both.
I had organised a series of book signing and meet the author events for my friend, Jane Bidder (who writes as Sophie King) to publicise her new book, The Supper Club.
I picked her up from Liverpool station, drove her to a book signing in Crosby then on to a Meet The Author event further up the coast before returning to Liverpool and the Waterstone's branch.
It was a great day. The sun was shining, the shops looked inviting and my children were busy elsewhere. I decided to amble down the main shopping area to buy my son some new school trousers.
I was sidelined by a beautiful grey tunic in Marks and Spencer's.
It would look great on its own with a belt, over jeans, with a shirt underneath.
i was overhwhelmed by the possibilities.
Who would know?
I could just load it up to this blog and pretend I'd had it for ages. Right?
I put it in a basket.
i queued up.
Then I remembered you fellow bloggers. You who have kept the faith, who have supported my efforts, so far.
I couldn't let you down!
So I put it back. Honestly.
I consoled myself with with a new Bobbi Brown eyeliner instead.
Here are some snaps of my day.
And you can see by the crowd scene (some of the people who came to the event) how small I really am!

I wore..
Strapless dress: Gap
Belt: Asos
Cardigan: Gap
Bangle: Free with magazine
Shoes: Clark's
Necklace: Top Shop


notSupermum said...

Well done Jane! Funnily enough I was only thinking of you today when I was rifling through the rails in TK Maxx. I was wondering how you were feeling about the clothes abstinence project now you were 62 days in? Were you starting to worry about having enough items to keep you going, or were you feeling tempted to buy again? (That question has been answered by your blog today!)

Are you feeling the financial benefit of not buying clothes, or are you spending it on other things instead?

Anyway, glad to see you resisted the tunic. I bought some new black leather gloves for the winter btw. I love wearing gloves when it gets cold, they always look so stylish.

Stacy said...

I'm so proud of you! I totally would have caved (in fact, Macy's called my name today and I ended up with a new purple shirt and a pair of jeans). It sounds like, minus the new tunic, you had a fantastic day.

dottie said...

You look fabulous today, so chic. I'm impressed by the self-control you showed when you really saw the possibilities of something. Good for you. And small is beautful, ahem ahem.

notSupermum said...

Jane, I have an award for you on my blog!

Sheila said...

You look lovely! Oh, the willpower! I am so proud of you for foregoing the clothing - it's such a tough challenge (one I am considering emulating come January 1st), and I admire you for sticking to it!

And every girl needs a new eyeliner every now and then. :)

Anonymous said...

JANE!!! I am so PROUD of you!!!! There is no WAY in hell I could ever do what you are doing. I can hardly go a day without seeing something I "need" now!
I have been running around town looking for a soft, brown, wrappable belt like yours. Alas, no such thing. I really need one for nipping in my waist.

see you there! said...

Yay for YOU! I hope the satisfaction you got from resisting temptation made you feel good. It should have.

And yes, you ARE tiny.


KT said...

What a glamorous life you lead. And you look fabulous. I'm proud of you for sticking to the plan!

Ally said...

I'm such a wimp...I would have bought it!!

How tall are you?

workthatwardrobe said...

I am overwhelemd with all your support. Thanks.
NSM - Yes I am starting to feel the benefit. I used to spend between £100 and 200 a month on clothes. Iremember readin an article saying "Are you spending your pension at Primark?" Yes, that was me.And thanks for the award.
Sheila _ it woudlbe great if there was somoeone to share this journey with. Your posts show you have somegreat things.
Karen - I think I struck lucky getting that belt when I did. Happy hunting!
Darla & KT, & Dottie thanks for your support.
Ally - I am 5ft and half an inch. That half inch is very important!

Ally said...

I'm 5'2 and 3/4 and I always make sure to include that fraction of an inch - it IS important!!

Della Street Dreaming said...

That's fantastic, Jane! I just read that comment you made about spending your Pension at Primark. That SOOOO applies to me.
I hope you can keep it up!

Christina Lee said...

Wow what willpower!
You look gorgeous!!!

The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

Good for you! I definitely would have taken the bate :o)