Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Just 300 days to go (and a very important poll)

I have managed 65 shopping-less days and I am feeling virtuous.
But a little stifled.
Bloggers I need your advice.
I was planning a Clothes Swapping party but none of my friends are up for it.
And seeing my disappointment a friend asked why.
I explained my challenge.
"But what about ebay?," she said.
"It's where you sell clothes and stuff," I replied.
"But if you don't cash in the money you could use the money you get and spend it on other stuff. So it would be like swapping really," she said.
The virtuous half of me shudders in po-faced righteousness.
The other half thinks "What a brilliant idea - why didn't I think of that earlier?"
So you see. I need your help.
All votes cast by this time tomorrow will make my mind up.
The majority wins.
My future is in your hands.
While you decide I will just finish up my prison work for today and prepare for tomorrow's class.
I wore..
Brown Trousers ..M&Co
Brown Boots: Clark's
Turquoise long sleeved T-shirt ..C&C)
Brown top..Gap
Scarf..free with Prima magazine


Sheila said...

Nope, ebay is still shopping, just like if you took clothes to a consignment shop and used the credit to buy more clothes.

Can you buy accessories? Go buy some funky tights in bright colours, textures, even patterns if you dare.

see you there! said...

As harsh as it feels to say this, I agree that eBay is shopping. Can you find some more things to dye to change them? Do you sew? Could you alter anything to make it different? The holidays are coming... presents (unlike eBay) don't count in my book so start lining up the things you want.

You are doin SO well, I think you've just hit a little slump.


notSupermum said...

Yes, I have to agree with Sheila and Darla. eBay is still shopping although is seems rather mean to deny you the chance to bring new items into your wardrobe. Just think how amazing it will feel to get through the whole year without buying anything. Now that will be a major achievement.

Stacy said...

I want to tell you to go for it but I do kind of agree with the previous posts. It probably qualifies as shopping. Any long distance swaps (craigslist perhaps?) that you could do?

kiran said...

but how is it shopping if youre not spending any money? its almost like selling your things at a thrift store for store credit and then using the store credit to replace what you have! i say its worth a shot, but a bit dangerous...

workthatwardrobe said...

I see that the vote is unanimous so far - which is how deep down I felt it would be.
I will have to check out more online swapping site and maybe badger my friends to think again about the Clothes Swapping Party.
However, I think I am just feeling a little fed up.
I see all your gorgeous new buys and outfits and think 300 days is sooo long to go.
But I have a new resolve, thanks to you all. I am away this weekend (with my husband) when I get back I will sort through my wardrobes, shelves for more options and put away my summer stuff. I will also lose those five pounds I put on ove rholiday which means a small but significant part of my wardrobe is currently unwearable.
There we go -- win win. I lose five pounds and get another 15 items to wear (which are currently stashed on the top shelf).
I feel better already.
And welcome Kiran.

that girl ? said...

Good resolve WTW! I like your approach about the lose 5lbs and gain some more outfits! I have a very nice cocoon shaped dress going if you want to swap??!!

Rebecca said...

First, I love the outfit you're pictured in.

And, I agree that ebay is shopping.

Wouldn't it be fun if we could do a blog clothing exchange? But then there's the shipping. :(

Anonymous said...

Jane, this ebay thing is iffy, but I say do it. I take stuff into my local resale shop, sell it, then use the credit to buy more stuff. It works and I always have "currency" there. It's not cash money or credit cards, so I say it's a go.

Jane, you have so many good things in your wardrobe. You are just going through a dry period. I would allow you to bend the rules to include skirts and accessories purchases from drugstores or grocery stores. That is NOT shopping! Try the idea of a clothing swap again. I did it with my friends and we all were so happy with our "new" things.

KT said...

So I'm late to respond but here goes:
It's a slippery slope. I think if you make allowances that makes it easier to justify other things and then you'll have lost the point of what you were hoping to accomplish. And I'm really, really rooting for you.
I can't believe no one wants to do a swap locally. Have you tried with people you normally wouldn't include in your normal social scene but admire their sense of style maybe? This advice is coming from a girl who will make friends with anyone, but you never know until you try, right? Kimberly at FabFindsUnder50 organized a Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf project and it was a blast. Maybe your readers would want to do something similar? I've got ideas all day long, eh?

workthatwardrobe said...

A big thank you to everyone who had commented and left some really well thought out comments. I appreciate your time and trouble.
1. I will revisit the idea of a Swap Party - I may even ask my local paper to run a story. It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month next month and I was thinking charging an entry fee for the swap and giving the proceeds to charity.
2. I love the idea of a Blogger's Swap/Travelling item idea. Maybe if I look through my wardrobe and see what I coudl swap and maybe what is missing.
3. If accessories are allowed then I think a few bright scarves/pashmina may help lift my heart and warm my soul in the months to come.
4. Sheila, Darla, Stacy, nsm,KT I think you are right - it is the slippery slope.

Thanks again.

Heather Bestel said...

Hiya Jane
This is my take on it.
If your original intention was to not spend any EXTRA money on clothes, then ebay is fine. You are not taking any money out of your pocket.
If your original intention was to not add to your wardrobe, then just make sure you exchange one item for one item.
Stop beating yourself up over the details and go enjoy some 'new' clothes.
The way I see it, it's a win-win!!
Heather x

SHOEGAL said...

I want to take the responsible line and back Sheila and all the other earlier commenters. But my initial reaction when I read the post was to agree with Heather - go for it. Like she says, one for one item exchanging is only like swapping anyway, and as long as you just spend whatever you make and don't get tempted to add funds to Paypal then it's fine.

Boutique Girl said...

I think this is like dieting!! If you stop yourself all together at some point you will splurge big time! I think the Ebay idea is good - but you have to sell all your things first so that you know how much you have for shopping and postage etc! Blog swapping could be a winner though!

workthatwardrobe said...

Thanks Heather and Shoegal for your thoughts; I really am going to rethink.
Heather - what you have to say seems most crucial. Why did I set myself this challenge?
I will rethink and repost my intentions based on your comments.

see you there! said...

I came back to see what other people thought. This post generated quite a few comments.

I think your original intentions are pretty clearly stated in the first post to this blog.

People are allowed to change their minds you too you know.


Galtee said...

OHH NOOOOO Karen-please dont do it. I love your blog and the intentions you have. I check it daily.It inspired me to reorganise my wardrobe; to use what I have instead of heading ou to the shops to 'fix' the supposed gaps there. I have LOTS of clothes and I have enough. I just need to be satisfied with/be inventive what I have.BTW I love this colour on u- v. pretty.

KT said...

Jane, If you are comfortable with it you email me your US sizes and address. I have an entire area devoted to "Stuff I'm not going to wear again. Ever, if I even ever did." And it's cute stuff, and nice stuff. I am sending you a care package.
My email is ktlangmeyer@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Why don't you ask some sympathetic friends if you can just BORROW some of their accessories for a few months? I'm sure they'd agree, no swapping necessary!

Shar said...

I love this blog! I just found it today and read the whole thing! I had been contemplating a similar endeavor, but am afraid of total failure! Good on you!

Christina Lee said...

I agree with Heather-no extra spending but exchanges are ok (I think-wow this is hard one)
you look so lovely in the photo

StylishBelle said...

No sorry ebay is still shopping it's a great concept as far as not spending any additional money but I am guessing you did this challenge to control not only spending but accumulation. Be strong girl!