Tuesday, 23 September 2008

301 days to go

I was in Liverpool today leading a "Get Noticed in the Media" workshop for women setting up their own business.
The organisation I work for, Train 2000, is a brilliant social enterprise which supports women from the idea stage to setting up , sustaining and growing businesses.
Some of the most fantastic businesses have been eased into the marketplace thanks to Maggie, Helen and the team. They also helped me when I became self-employed five years ago.
The training room I was working in has a great view out to the Liverpool waterfront with the Liver Building just outside.
I did take a picture with my camera but can't find the lead to download it.
There were seven lovely ladies at the seminar today, a jewellery maker, four holistic therapist, an interior designer, the owner of a beauty room and a business trainer. Their ages ranged from early 20s to late 50s - all with a wonderful tale to tell. I was humbled at the end when Val of Holistic Horizons came to see me. Ten years ago she had breast cancer and as a single parent was struggling through. Her sister (who recently gave birth) moved in with her for six months. Ten years on Val is fighting fit and after being made redundant and undergoing three operations and chemotherapy she found the strength to retrain and set up her own business as a holistic therapist.
Her reason - she credits holistic therapy for helping her through a gruelling few years.
"I want to put something back," she said.
What I wore seemed irrelevant after that but here it is.
Black Jacket.. Debenhams
Belt: Asos
Shoes: Clark's


Heather Bestel said...

How wonderful! Train 2000 are brilliant. I know the lovely Clare Campbell, one of their consultants and the lovely Claire Pederson who has recently joined their team of enterprise enablers.

see you there! said...

What a wonderful story. Train 2000 sounds like a great venture. You my dear look Very Professional.


Stacy said...

What a wonderful story. It's inspiring to see people come through something so life changing and have such a positive attitude and love of life.

I love how much wear those shoes are getting - they are so fab!