Sunday, 7 September 2008

316 days to go: Little Miss Rush

Sunday is never a day of rest for me.
Here's my schedule for today.

8am: Get up and clear mess from previous evening.
8.30am: Take dog for a walk.
9am: Sort breakfast for my daughter and take her to gymnastics.
10am - 10.55am: Supermarket shop. Have the only chat of the week with my friend who works at the local supermarket every Sunday. We make plans for next week.
10.55am: Home, leave unpacking to husband, get changed and take my youngest son to church.
12pm - 1pm: Play Libraries.

That's where I am now. Later it looks like this.

1pm - 2pm: Coffee with my parents.
2pm - 3.30pm: Tidy up and get ready for next week.
3.30pm - 5pm: Start cooking Sunday Dinner for 10 (mum and dad, mother in law and sister in law on top of the usual six).
5pm - 6pm: Eat.
6pm - 7.30pm: Clear up.
7.30pm: 9pm: Put younger children to bed, read to them.
9pm - 11.30pm: Watch film with my husband and older two boys.
11.30pm - 12pm: Final wash-up.

Which is why today's outfit was very similar to Monday. There wasn't much thinking time today and I got changed from my dog-walking gear at 10.55am.
I needed a fail-safe outfit suitable for the rest of the day.
I knew from keeping this blog that this outfit works.
Dress: Ciel
Belt: Asos
Tights: Tesco
Shoes: Clark's


Della Street Dreaming said...

I just read the Sunday Schedule. It was exhausting even reading it. I just can't believe that you can do all that & maintain what I've just noted, three blogs!
And look really terrific as well.
Hats off to YOu, WTW!

Kasmira said...

Those tights are AWESOME! I love how punky they and the belt look. It's a great contrast to the dress.