Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Day 4: Banged Up

Today I work in a prison, teaching creative writing.
Dress is a dilemma.
How to wear the clothes that make me feel good without sending the wrong message.
So I settled on.......

grey camisole (M&S 2006 £5)
silver beach top (H&M 2007 £12)
purple cropped cardi (Next 2007 £12)
curvy jeans (Gap, 2008 £19.95)
Shoes (Mexx, as Day 3)
Pendant (present from husband last Christmas)


SHOEGAL said...

I'm impressed that you can remember what year you bought all your clothes!

workthatwardrobe said...

The secret?
I lost two stone of post baby flab that had hung around for four years in 2004. Most of my wardrobe was bought during the past four years!

qwadro said...

Half a stone really isn't that much weight. As long as you feel comfortable. Do it! Life is too short! You can always wear a gorgeous floaty cover up!engagement ringskilian tablet press