Monday, 7 July 2008

Day 10: I have legs

I was looking at my posts so far and realise that I have tried to cover my legs wherever possible.
As my eldest son is away, sunning himself in Portugal, I decided to raid my second wardrobe in his room.
I found this skirt I normally wear it in winter with boots but as it is still dull, dull, dull outside I thought I would get away with it.
I am working from home today, after sneaking a gym workout with my pal, Michele (I will pay for it tomorrow) I came home showered and set to work.
Black Vest: Top Shop (circa 2005)
Black skirt with yellow flowers: TKMAX, (2004)
Belt: Wallis £4 in sale (2007)
Black Flamenco style shoes: (Tesco 2008)
Necklace: Virgin Vie, as before.


see you there! said...

I'm having fun following your wardrobe story. You look pretty dressed up to be working from home. I thought everyone who did that stayed in their jammies, LOL!


workthatwardrobe said...

Hi there! I have worked from home on and off for 16 years and have NEVER worn my jammies.
As a journalist I used to have to leave on a job at a moment's notice and I suppose it still sticks. I'm a freelance feature writer now so when I work from home I usually know where I will be and where I will be going. I am really trying to wear heels more. I'm only 5ft 0ins and I need all the help I can get. I even walked the dog like this today.

Anonymous said...

You look fab, I love this outfit.

Sick Tight said...

cute outfit....

Sick Tight said...

well it is a good look on you... :P
oh, and thanks for swingin' by my blog!!!

Elegance Personified said...

Hi. I registered to follow your blog a few months ago, but I am only starting to follow you now (from the very beggining.) I love your challenge and though this was over 2 years ago I am going to watch, see and read how it goes. I am a huge shopper and always spend more than what I make. LOL This is my favorite outfit so far. I love that skirt. I must say I think Red looks best on you, though you love pink. I especially love you in red with white polka dots. Love your red Converse Sneakers too, btw. =)

Please follow my blogs. I dont have time to snap and post photos daily however I like to think I do have style.

Take Care. Ada. =)