Thursday, 3 July 2008

Day 6: The DVF dress

Let me get this straight. I have no real sense of style.
I aspire to have a sense of style.
Ergo, I keep trying.
Today I played around with my DVF dress. It was bought on a whim three years ago when I surfed the net and found I could buy designer stuff in the sales, in the US which was much cheaper.
I was desperate to own a DVF dress because that is what grown up people do. At least the female variety. Well, mostly.
I saw this dress which worked out at about £75.
I was so excited when it arrived.
And that was it.
I have worn it twice in five years.
I didn't quite know how to wear it.
The length is odd for me.
It would have been perfect for holidays but I was afraid to get it roughed up.
After looking at these pictures I have decided I will shorten it.
I will wear it as a short dress on holiday and as a tunic at home.
I could wear it with layers underneath.
Why did I wear it today? For all the reasons above plus it is dull outside. I want some colour in my life.
But before I got dressed I went for a run, took my daughter to the doctors, completed the school run, dropped the car off for a service and now I am working from home until 3pm when I will pick them up, drop my daughter at gym and play tennis with my youngest son.

The second picture shows what I wore for my three mile run:
Black sweat pants and top (Olympus, 2007, about £15 each)
Asics running shoes (2005 £20)

This third picture shows how I fantasised wearing the dress if I didn't have children to run around after.
Dress DVF (US £75 2005)
Purple belt (charity shop 2005 75p)
Pink shoes (Next £20 2005)
Necklace Top Shop £5, sale 2005)

But the first picture shows how I actually wore it today.

As before with orange birkenstock (bought 2008 £18, Littlewoods sale).


Boutique Girl said...

Oh, I can not wait until I am grown up enough to own a DVF dress!!!
I have added your blog to my link list!

Anonymous said...

Live the colours of the dress, but don't let kids hold you back - go for the heels!

SHOEGAL said...

Just found your blog!
Definitely shorten the dress, and it looks great with those pink heels!

workthatwardrobe said...

I know, I know.
I should go for the heels.
I have just invested in a pair of those "Party Feet" insoles.
I'll let you know!

Della Street Dreaming said...

I would absolutely love a DVF dress! It would be heaven for me to find one in my favourite thrift shop!
I like both pictures of it!
I'm enjoying reading your Wardrobe Adventures.

Audi said...

I'm not sure you necessarily need to shorten this dress. What you could try, though, is to wear it with a long, light-colored cardigan, leave the cardi open and put a belt over the top. The long, open "v" of the cardigan will soften the boxy shape of the dress, which is likely what's giving you the issues with it.

Tom said...

That's a really good price at littlewoods.