Thursday, 31 July 2008

354 days to go: Dye another day

I was walking around my local hardware shop the other day when I noticed the dyes.
I had dabbled with dyes a few years ago....with disasterous results. But, after reading Kasmira's blog about dyeing her jeans I decided to have a go.
I wish I had a before picture but I haven't. I bought these Levi Jeans in New York when I flew over to run the New York Marathon in November 2002. I went into a shop, told the assistant I wanted some Levi Jeans and she just looked at me. Then looked at the thousands of jeans on the racks, dived into one and handed me this pair. I don't know how she did it, but they fit like a glove. Even the length was spot on.
Over the years they have faded. It is a nice light blue but as I have short and rather chunky legs I felt they made my legs thicker - something I am quite self-conscious about.
As I hardly wear them now I thought it was worth dyeing them.
I picked a machine wash Dylon dye in Indigo.
I threw in a cream camisole that I never wear.
The jeans came out a lovely dark shade. And while they used to be quite lightweight it appears the dye and the wear on the jeans had added a lovely texture to them.
My daughter didn't want to be left out and picked a pink dye.
The pictures show how we got on!

And here's me wearing the jeans today.

I am wearing...
Levi Jeans ? , New York (2002)
Red sheer shirt, local shop (2008)
Red and black bracelet (Gift, several years ago)
Black waistcoat..Oasis
Snakeskin belt ASOS (2008)
Ear-rings (mad eby me last night)
Shoes...yeas, the Clark's sparkly ones again (2008)

You may also be able to spot my chocolate brown labrador, Harvey, who refused to move while the picture was being taken!


Stacy said...

Oh, I love your dog! The dyeing worked great - congrats!

Boutique Girl said...

Well done with the dying!! I am so not brave enough!

see you there! said...

The jeans look terrific. I wear a lot of black, most washable. It fades and when I get a pile of it I toss it all into a black dye wash. I need to do that.


Ally said...

Your assistant is SUPER cute :)

workthatwardrobe said...

Thanks for your comments.
Stacy & Ally - I appreciate my dog so much in the school holidays. He never gives me any grief unlike my other four darlings!
Go for it Boutique Girl. I am so pleased with the results.
Darla - I think I will follow your advice and have a look through my wardrobe for other faded jeans.

melmo said...

I love your outfit!

Leslie said...

cute cute! i like the long, billowy top under the fitted waistcoat