Sunday, 13 July 2008

Day 16: The happy moment

I spoke yesterday about how I wore my "happy skirt" to cheer me up on a day I was dreading.
And despite being at an amusement park.
And despite being at an amusement park in the rain.
And despite being at an amusement park in the rain and the cold; the sun did come out.
For one brief moment.
Kid Rock was playing "All Summer Long" in the background.
I was on the dodgem cars with my daughter and her friends.
And I felt happy.
Not pretend happy but real happy.
The skirt worked.
Now that's all I will remember about that day.
The happy moment when the sun came out and it was all due to that skirt.
From now on that skirt will be my "magic" skirt.
But back to today.
My husband, the scout leader, has been away all weekend on a camping trip with his pack.
At 2am this morning (I assume by the time every child was safely asleep) he sent me a text.
It said: "I love you."
And for that I am making the effort for his return.
I have chosen ......

Multi-colour tunic top from Autograph (Gift, 2008)
White trousers, George, (2008)
Orange Birkenstocks (2008)
Oakley Sunglasses ( 40th birthday present. They are scratched to bits but I have run two half marathons and swum in the Adriatic and the Mediterranean Seas in these and I love them)
Bracelets (my daughters)
Necklace (Top Shop 2005)


Londyn said...

I have "happy clothes" too! So glad the sun came out for you :)

KT said...

I just found your blog today and I think we are the same person almost! I spend all of my money (and more) on books, clothes and trips! My husband found out about my secret credit cards this year and has made it his lifes mission to curb my lifestyle and try to make sure I am not spending more than what I earn. Um, okay dear... (wink wink nudge nudge)