Friday, 25 July 2008

360 days to go: Feeling Blue

Working in the prison today. I have just one more session after this and then I am taking the whole of August off.
My husband went out last night so after the children went to bed I rummaged around my wardrobe. I found this top I bought a few months back and hadn't yet worn. I think I had planned to wear it on my holidays.
It is a navy blue sheer silk Kaftan which I got from
I wore it with jeans, turquoise camisole, turquoise and silver beads and silver bracelet.
The sun is still shining here....but for how much longer?

Jeans...Gap Curvy (2008)
Camisle....Marks and Spencer (2008)
Beads...Gift from Monsoon (2008)
Silver cut-out cuff Asos (2008)
Shoes: Mexx (2008)


Kasmira said...

This a beautiful outfit. The kaftan is lovely.

Stacy said...

That looks like such a comfortable (and fashionable) outfit.

Jane said...

Thanks Kasmira.
Stacy, it was so comfortable and cool on a very hot day. The prison I work in is very hot in summer and very cold in winter.
One of the prison officers commented on my top and said "why are you wearing that here?"
I think he was jealous!
I was the one who kept my cool on a veyr hot day.