Monday, 14 July 2008

Day 17: Thanks Kasmira and Allison

I was inspired by Kasmira's blog about the multi-looks one strapless dress had given her.
I had this dress (picture taken straight out of the shower) in my wardrobe since 2005. I bought it because I liked it. And it was cheap. Very cheap in the Gap sale.
I have worn it twice. Once when we were on holiday in Venice and the second time to my now 13-year-old son's Leaver's Mass when he left primary school. Both times I wore the dress I spent the whole time hitching it up, hoping my strapless bra wouldn't fall down. I loved it but couldn't wear it.
Until now.

I decided to wear my aqua camisole, bought to match a wonderful necklace my friend Allison bought for my birthday this year.
I layered a sleeveless black vest and wore my faithful "Flamenco" shoes.
I also tried on all my bikinis and photographed them but I'm not posting them here.
However, I have found the answer to my previous question: "Is 42 too old to wear a bikini?"
Answer: Probably, but I have too many to throw away. Maybe I'll wait until next year for a one-piece!

Dress; Gap (2005)
Camisole (Marks and Spence (2008)
Vest (Oasis 2008)
Flamenco Shoes (tesco 2008)
Snake print belt ASOS (2008)
Necklace, Monsoon (Gift 2008)


Stacy said...

I love it with all of the other items so much more than alone. I need to layer more (but will wait until the 90 degree weather passes!).... it always makes an outfit so much more interesting.

Sheila said...

Well done! This is really cute with all the other layers on top.

workthatwardrobe said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I will try and be a bit bolder from now on!

Della Street Dreaming said...

Kasmira is really quite inspirational at showing how you can get maximum mileage from one item!
YOu've really transformed this dress into a great outfit that will work for you.

KT said...

This is a GREAT look!

KT said...

OK, one more thing on the bikini question- I just went through the bikini blitz myself and opted to go tankini. Then we got to the beach and I saw all these women having a great time, not appearing to be self-conscious and they were wearing bikini's! And not to be catty but a good number of them were older than I am. I realized if they are not worried about it why am I? When I voiced this to my husband he said he doesn't care about the woman's age as long as she is confident that is attractive to him. So wear the bikini and have fun!

workthatwardrobe said...

Great feedback guys, thanks. As for the bikini I've just seen a picture of Helen Mirren wearing a bikini in today's paper. She is 62 and looks fantastic.
Thanks Helen and thanks to KT's husband.
I will wear my bikini (and wobbly bits) with great confidence this summer.

Elegance Personified said...

I like this dress. I own A TON of strapless dresses and wear them all the time, however I should layer them once, and also some of my dresses I should wear as skirts, sometimes. This post gave me more ideas. Thanks.

Please check out my blog ELEGANCE PERSONIFIED. Thanks so much, Ada. =)