Monday, 21 July 2008

no new clothes for 364 days

Today is the launch of the school magazine.
I have been working with the schoolchildren on this since May.
I was very excited.
I got my handwritten invitation from Izaak and put the date in my diary.
When I arrived I was escorted to my seat by a very excited six-year-old.
The magazine was brilliant, it even had two fashion pages!
It was the first Creative Partnerships project I had worked on.
The children and staff were lovely.
They have given me permission to publish this photo of the children and me with one of my old colleagues from the Liverpool Echo, Jason Roberts, who came along to photograph the class a few weeks ago.
It was a very special day so I dressed up.

I wore...
Red Polka Dot Blouse..Sarah Berman
Navy A-line skirt ---Autograph
Tan wedges....River Island
Red Heart necklace....Virgin Vie
Snakeskin print belt.....Asos


KT said...

Great outfit! You do so many fun things professionally. Good for you!

Stacy said...

Adorable kids! And, what a great outfit. I love the polka dots.

Lonely Paul said...


John Hewitt said...

Hi Jane, nice to meet you in a sense! You seem busy and good looking all at the same time. Or whatever, you know what I mean , anyway, if you get a chance could you read some of my work on my blog, look in my profile and click on In Sam's Honor, Keep in touch, it would be fun to talk more. John

Corey said...

Love this look! My favorite so far. Your hair looks great too.