Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Day 11: Pretty (?) In Pink

So far I have spared you my pink passion.
Pink is my favourite colour and usually dominates my dress.
My mum says that when I was a child I looked so sickly that the only colour which made me look vaguely healthy was pink.
And I have stuck to that cure-all ever since.
When I'm sick I want a big dose of pink, in whatever form that may be.
It is still grey and windy here so to make the weather feel better I wore....

White shirt (Boden, 2006)
Grey tweedy style trousers (M & Co, 2007)
Pink cardigan (French Connection, 2005)
Black leather shoes (as yesterday)
Black Bangle (Debenhams)
Pink necklace (Tesco, 2006)

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