Wednesday, 23 July 2008

362 days to go: Starting with the skirt

It started with the skirt today.
I wanted to wear it.
I bought it from ASOS and sits perfectly on my knee.
I love the bow tie waistband.
But it is tricky to wear.
You can't cover up the waistband.
You need something cropped on top.
The vest is the perfect length but it needs something with short sleeves.
I love the blouse but it is sheer.
It needs something underneath which is why I chose this camisole. It is also red but not a matching shade.
I wore my red necklace.
And it all matched the big red cut on my knee that I acquired at 8am this morning after I tripped over my dog during our morning run to the beach.
Et voila!
Skirt: Asos (2008)
Vest: Oasis (2008)
Shirt (Local shop 2008)
Shoes: Tesco (2008)
Necklace: Virgin Vie (2008)
Red camisole: Marks and Spencer (2007)
Ear-rings: Gift from brother in law in Dubai (1998)
Later I swapped the shoes for flip flops (Gap Kid's 2004) when we went for a play on the beach.


Stacy said...

That is the perfect length skirt - love it!

Jane said...

Thanks Stacy.

see you there! said...

Its all good but I really love the shoes. Classic style.


Anonymous said...

That skirt = love!

Jenn said...

That looks like an outfit for twirling and dancing.

You know, I wore a dress today for work. It is green and kind of swirly, in the curtains way.

It was not a successful experiment. I spent too much time remembering to remind myself to sit with my knees together dainty, instead of striding productively through my library tasks.

Perhaps I need culottes.

Jane said...

Shouldn't life be all about dancing and twirling?
But you are right skirts make you want to dance and swirl - something we should all be doing more of!

KT said...

I have read a number of books with Mark and Spencer. It is fun to see a "real" person shopping there. What a glamorous life!