Saturday, 12 July 2008

Day 15: Amusement Park Chic

We are off to Blackpool Pleasure (?) Beach. My daughter, Briony and her two friends, Carly and Lucy. It is Briony's annual birthday treat. She loves Blackpool Pleasure Beach. I hate it. But as a good parent, I smile and I try to look as if I am enjoying it.
To cheer myself up I wore...
Red T-Shirt, Primark (2008)
Boden Children's wear Skirt (2008)
Converse (as before)
Red heart necklace (as before)
Green ring (as before)
Denim Jacket (Tesco, 2005)
Gold hoop ear-rings. Gift from Dubai (1998)
Here's an extra pic from the day.


Stacy said...

I love the skirt! What a great outfit to "pretend" happiness. I have one of those - it involves lots of green.

Anonymous said...

That skirt is adorable!

Anonymous said...

This outfit is fabulous I love it! I can totally relate to the pretend fun thing - we are hosting a birthday party for our very nearly six year old tomorrow!

workthatwardrobe said...

The great thing about this blog is that I am learning all the time. I had a wardrobe full of clothes and I wore about 10% of what I had. Knowing I will have to post a picture each day has made me make the effort. It has also made me realise that clothes can "Pretend" happiness.
And despite being at an amusement park.
And despite being at an amusement park in the rain.
And despite being at an amusement park in the rain and the cold, the sun did come out.
For one brief moment. Kid Rock was playing "All Summer Long" in the background. I was on the dodgem cars with my daughter and her friends. And I felt happy. Not pretend happy but real happy. The skirt worked. Now that's all I will remember about that day. The happy moment when the sun came out and it was all due to that skirt!

Elegance Personified said...

I told you, you look great in red and this outfit is the perfect example of that. Love love your skirt, soooooo cute. I love your daughter's name btw. Briony is so pretty, cute and unique.