Friday, 4 July 2008

Day 7: Behind bars on independence day!

I am back behind bars (teaching) today.
In honour of our American friends I have gone for a red, white and blue ensemble. And I've managed to dig out some stars and stripes.
I am wearing.............
red t-shirt (Primark £1.50, 2008)
red, cream and black cardigan (Primark £5, winter 07/08)
jeans (Gap, curvy fit, as before)
white silk scarf with blue stars (Tesco, 2008 £2.50)
tan shoes (Mexx, as before).
Have a nice day!

1 comment:

see you there! said...

Hi, I came her via Della Street Dreaming. I love the dress and agree the shorter version is best.

Your floor caught my eye most tho, LOL! We are right in the middle of having all our hardwood floors refinished - even our kitchen has hardwood floors. Can you imagine the mess?