Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Question: Is 42 too old to wear a bikini?

I have been sorting out my summer holiday things.
I found ten bikinis.
The last time I wore them I was half a stone lighter.
It is six weeks to our holiday.
Is it worth giving up the wine and getting off my backside?
Or should I give up and cover up?


Anonymous said...

If you like how it looks on you, wear it!

The Daily Wear said...

Half a stone really isn't that much weight. As long as you feel comfortable. Do it! Life is too short! You can always wear a gorgeous floaty cover up!

Christie Priem said...

I know you're not keeping this blog anymore, but I had to post because I've just found it and I'm recommending it to all my friends. You should put it all into a book. If I owned a publishing company, I would track you down and FORCE you to write the book to make me tons of money.

Anyhow, you're ADORABLE and you should wear the bikini as long as you're comfortable.

Christie in Arizona

qwadro said...

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