Friday, 30 January 2009

171 days to go: Working With Difficult Clothes

I am overwhelmed by the amount of comments yesterday - thank you.
And thanks for encouraging me to keep trying with difficult clothes.
So, why I am feeling brave I thought I'd give another difficult piece a try.
This blouse was one I picked up with the vouchers. It was reduced from £30.00 to £7.00.
And I can kind of guess why.
I am short and top heavy and this blouse can make me look top heavy.
The almost sheer fabric and the keyhole neck means for modesty's sake I need another layer underneath, adding to the blouson effect.
But I love the print.
And it was a bargasm.
So here are two options:
1. with the cardigan to pull it together.
2. with the cardigan open to see the lovely print
I am also feeling extra brave as I posted earlier this week about how I love green but it doesn't love me.
I found this velvet corsage for £1.00 and was dying to wear it.

I am wearing:
Gap Curvy Jeans (another pair, not yesterday's)
Clark's Shoes
Blouse - Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan - M & Co.


Imogen Lamport said...

Proportionally, the first one works better for you - I think you're wearing the top a little shorter in that pic, and that is more flattering to you (and makes your legs look longer).

Imogen Lamport said...

Also, wearing the cardi closed shows off your tiny waist, when it's open, there is too much fabric and you lose your slimness.

Maybe with a belt?

SHOEGAL said...

Definitely cardi closed of these options.

If it's the print you love, can you have a dressmaker reshape the shirt at all? Is that allowed in your rules? (could always wait til the summer if it's not allowed)

Alison said...

I do love it with the cardi closed too. I have a blouse that seems to be similar in shape and I'm top heavy too. I like that it camouflages my tummy. You don't have that problem so I think with the cardi closed it still shows off your tiny waist. I really like your use of the green flower, that is a great way to incorporate that color green without it causing problems with your complexion.

Speaking of my tummy... My word verification is "munchi" hehe

lunarossa said...

Beautiful gree flower. I agree with Imogen, the closed blue cardi makes you look super slim and smart. Have a great weekend. Ciao. Antonella

see you there! said...

Agree with the others, cardi closed. I also like the shorter length blouse on you.

While I like the blouse I probably wouldn't have bought it because of the keyhole neckline. It limits what you can wear in the way of necklaces and I'm not much on bows or little ties on anything.

Cute green pin.


Cat said...

Definitely close the cardigan. It gives you a lovely hourglass silhouette and repeats the shape of the keyhole neckline.

tooblonde1 said...

yep, ditto on the closed cardigan for this length....but, if you wore this with a longer cardigan, perhaps to the fingertips-then i think open would be perfect with this top. the green flower is great, i love it!

D'Rae said...

I am going to have to disagree with everyone. I like it better with the open cardigan. I think it makes a clean line and you can see more of the blouse. I also LOVE the green flower!

Christina Lee said...

agree- cardigan closed!!!

Sheila said...

Cardi closed! It shows off your figure better.

Love the green flower!

Anonymous said...

How about a compromise: pull the sweater just slightly more closed, but then put on a belt around it to keep it in place and create an hourglass silhouette, while still showing off the blouse.

Michelle@Life with Three said...

I agree, that the cardigan closed is the better option. It emphasizes your waist, showing off your great hourglass shape! I also love the flower with it. It adds interest to what would just be a basic black and white outfit.