Monday, 26 January 2009

176 days to go: Not Sure?

I'm not sure about this look but decided to post it anyway.
I feel I look a size if not two sizes bigger than yesterday.

I am wearing.
Waistcoat/Vest & Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Shirt: Asos


lunarossa said...

Dear Jane, I do not want to sound patronising, but yes in the previous photo you look stunning, young and beautiful. In this one you still look beautiful, but just a little bit older. You're not showing the best of yourself. I think the blouse makes the difference. Whilst the dress underlines you lovely figure, this blouse looks slightly frumpy. Sorry! All the best. Ciao. Antonella

Christina Lee said...

Oh I do not agree- I like it!I think wearing the waist coat, and skinny jeans tucked into boots makes it a more hip look! I think you look great!

see you there! said...

Truth? I agree it does make you look heavier but you are small enough that I don't think it is an issue.

The vest shows your tiny waist and curvy figure. Could you try it with the blouse tucked in? I think the viewers eye would travel up and down better - if you know what I mean.


Goober said...

I think this outfit makes you look totally hot and curvy! Rawr!

Cat said...

I like it! It is a very different look than yesterday. The vest over voluminous blouse emphasizes your chest. The boots over skinny jeans draws attention to your hips (in a good way). I think this look makes you look gives you a curvaceous silhouette, whereas yesterdays outfit gave you a petite silhouette.

I think it depends on your attitude for the day. How do you want to look today? Curvaceous and foxy? Or petite and delicate?

Kayleigh said...

You couldn't look heavy if your life depended on it!

That said, I think the way the vest is sort of cupping your bosom combined with the detail on the blouse adding bulk is not as flattering as it could be. I think the same exact look w/a different blouse, perhaps a button down or long sleeve tee, might work better.

But I actually like the blouse itself, so I could see just losing the vest, too.

I love that you weren't sure but posted the pic anyway :D

Jane said...

lunarossa - Please don't worry - I am not offended and despite the kind comments I agree. I am small and curvy which is OK most of the time but this,I feel emphasises my lump bits (hips and chest).
Christina and Goober - I like the hip bit, thank you.
Darla - I will try to wear it differently as I do like the blouse. I will take you up on the suggestion.
Cat - I hear what you are saying and I did feel a little flirty when I wore the outfit.
Kayleigh - Thanks. I agree entirely with your observations but will try it again.
Strangely enough the word verification for this comment is "onest" which is very appropriate. I thank you all for your honesty.

lunarossa said...

Dear Jane, small and curvy is good. I'm small and not curvy, not in the right places at least!!! I know fro sure that most men like 'small and curvy'. Not that their opinions matter so much!!! Lol! I've had a quick look at the other photos and you always look fab. The only thing I don't like is that blouse!!! Ciao. Antonella

Sheila said...

Boobtastic! This vest/waistcoat is doing you no favours, my dear. I think the extra wide neckline on it is making you look wider in the boob area than it should. A vest with a more classic V neckline would work better.

Otherwise, your outfit is great! You are lovely and curvy.

Imogen Lamport said...

I would rather see the vest with an open neck blouse as the high neckline is making you look very booby!