Monday, 5 January 2009

Being Anna Wintour OBE (on the cheap)

When I saw this picture of Anna Wintour receiving her OBE I remembered I had acquired a similar Zara suit on eBay a few months back.
The jacket still had the £75 tag on it and my winning bid was £2.99!
I thought it would be great for a Spring event and put it in the back of my wardrobe.
It is a lovely suit, fully lined and great quality.
The sizes were a little odd - a (very generous) size 8 skirt and (a small) size 12 jacket.
I styled it as close to Anna's look as possible with what I had in my wardrobe.
But I couldn't resist the sunglasses and I don't have an OBE - yet!


Kristen said...

I like your outfit better than hers. And what an amazing steal on the jacket!

WendeeB said...

I thought I was looking at two pics of the same person! Nice job on the copy, but yours looks WAY more comfortable and wearable. Happy New Year, and congrats on the gift cards.

Stacy said...

I like yours better too! Great deal and wonderful look.

notSupermum said...

Hey, that looks great on you!

Goober said...

So cute, and what a bargain!

Imogen Lamport said...

Great look - though I 'd go with a lighter coloured hose as the black doesn't relate to anything else in the outfit - maybe a brown or even skin tone.

Anna W will be taking tips from you!

see you there! said...

Oh look... there's the belt that I thought you should wear with the new black dress you posted a pic of.

I like both suits but I have to admit I'm just not there with the fur or faux fur scarves. They are no doubt in fashion tho.


Leslie said...

YOU LOOK AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the knock off Anna Look! And you're wearing that belt I gave you! Tickled!

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

HA! Love it!

Jane said...

Thanks again. I didn't wear the outfit yesterday - just dressed up for the fun of it.
Thanks Karen for the belt - I should have made sure I acknowledged that one.
Imogen - I agree about the hose but I was wearing a black top under the jacket and had planned to wear it for the rest of the day so thought black boots would be OK.
The thing that strikes me is how tiny Anna is. I am a UK size 10 and quite petite but she makes me look like a woman mountain!
Sadly I can't survive on fresh air and fashion freebies.

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

I too thought both pix were of you at first! You totally nailed that look and did a much better job of it to boot :D

Imogen Lamport said...

I hope you didn't mind my suggestion (or take offence).

I don't understand tiny women who don't eat - no wonder Miss Anna is known as being a tyrant - she doesn't eat so she's crabby all the time.

I lived in the UK for 3 years and was never smaller than a size 12 - 14 on the bottom and a size 16 on the top (just to fit my shoulders in to start with, even before my breast issues).

I will never be tiny, but believe you can dress any body to look great.

You do such a good job!

Cat said...

Great job recreating the outfit. It's a darling ensemble.