Thursday, 22 January 2009

Our search for a new style icon is finally over

The worldwide search for a style icon is over.
It has taken nearly 12 years - since the death of Princess Diana - and a few wrong turns (Mrs Beckham) but the journey is at an end.
Mrs Obama we salute you!
I could feel the pull back in October when a brief news item about a TV interview inspired this post and outfit.
And now the ever stylish Cat has directed me to the wonderful website which does all the hard work for us.
So what does Mrs O have that wannabees like Mrs B don't?
I think it's down to three.
1. Mrs O has a busy hands-on lifestyle which is lived in the real world.
2. Mrs O has the face and shape of a real woman who likes to look good but doesn't see it as a full-time occupation (Mrs B).
3. Mrs O looks like she is enjoying her life and good fortune (take note Mrs B).


Christina Lee said...

here here!!! I agree!

Stacy said...

She is simply fantastic! Beautiful, stylish, intelligent, and kind.

KT said...

Hey, we're going to do a Michelle O fashion tribute soon. Want in?

studionn portland or said...

I am excited she and Barack are in the White House. I urge everyone to listen to his inauguration speech and know that we are trying to repair the damage. Michelle is an incredible woman.

Jane said...

Thanks for sharing the sentiments.
KT - I'm in!

Cat said...

A Mrs. O fashion challenge is pending. I am doing a little research before I post the challenge. Stay tuned.