Thursday, 1 January 2009

201 days to go:New Year's Eve

I spent the day shopping and visiting my dad in hospital.
In the evening we shared a meal with the children, my mum, my eldest son's girlfriend and one of his friends.
At 9pm the youngsters left and we waited for our friends, Joy and Andrew and Kevin and Denise to come and we welcomed the New Year in together.
I love January. I love new starts, new plans and after the indulgence of the past week I enjoy getting back into routine.
The shortest day has already been and gone which means every day is a day closer to summer and lighter days.
Happy New Year to you all - I hope 2009 brings everything you wish for.

Dress - Joe Brown
T-shirt - Primark
Jeans - Gap
Vest - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Ugg

Dress - Oasis
Belt - Marks and Spencer
Petticoat - Andrea Sef
Boots - Tesco
Necklace - Mikey
Ear-rings - Marks and Spencer


notSupermum said...

Wow Jane, you look stunning in the pink dress. Happy New Year to you, I wish you a very happy 12 months and I look forward to seeing the next 200 outfits!

Heather Bestel said...

A very heartfelt Happy New Year to you and your family.
2009 is going to be a challenge for us all and I know you will rise to it graciously and with much elegance.
Much love
Heather x

Kristen said...

Happy new year! You look lovely as always!

Stacy said...

Happy New Years friend! May 2009 bring your family less hardships and more blessings.

see you there! said...

You look ready to ring in the new in that pink dress. Happy New Year to you and your family.


mbbored said...

I love how much color you wear on a daily basis. And don't you love that the shortest day is past? I know the days are only fractionally longer now, but I still love it.

dottie said...

I agree! The page has turned, the lighter days are coming, and the fact that there are green tips of spring bulbs coming up in my garden fills me with hope and expectation of what is to come. Thanks for your inspirational project of creating something wonderful to wear every day with what you already have. Just shows what we can do when we look at things differently! Blessed 2009 to you and yours.

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

Just catching up here and OMG, that pink dress looks FABULOUS on you!!!! Wow, you really are stunning :)

I'm glad you had a lovely New Year's Eve and I am sending you and your family my bestes most heartfelt wishes for a happy, healthy & light-filled 2009!!!!

Trace said...

Love both outfits here, that pink dress is stunning and the red dress is totally adorable.

I also love your hair, I really want to get bangs like yours! =)

Cat said...

What a darling New Year's Eve dress. I am impressed that you have the toned upper arms to pull off a strapless dress!