Thursday, 1 January 2009

200 days to go: A Landmark

January 1st 2009

Not feeling too great today.
After these photographs were taken I went back to bed with a migraine - I think the past two weeks has caught up with me.
As it's a New Year I am making a fresh start.
After each post I will rate how the outfit made me look and feel.
I want to edit my wardrobe to around a quarter of its current size.
Every item I wear will be rated and if it doesn't make me look or feel great it's going.
When my year is up in July I will be able to see what works and what doesn't. I want a compact wardrobe where every item makes me look or feel great.
Today I am wearing.....
Ugg Boots (Feel fantastic at this time of year so will stay)
Gap Skirt (I love the length and cut so it stays)
Next Tunic top (under review)
ASOS cardigan (feels great but makes me look like a sack of spuds. In the pending pile)
Any other opinions gratefully received!


Stacy said...

I just love Uggs. And, I like the tunic a lot.... great colors. Hope you are feeling better.

notSupermum said...

Great idea about editing the clothes. I do something very similar and send them to the charity shop before I change my mind.

Imogen Lamport said...

I feel there is too much volume here - the outfit overwhelms, pleated skirt with tunic top then chunky cardi plus the uggs (which i have to admit I consider only to be slippers - love them and how warm they keep your toes though!). I pair of leather knee high, riding boots would be a better choice if you were actually leaving the house! At least you looked great with your migraine.

The cardi I think should go, and possibly the tunic top is on it's way out (that trend is almost gone).

see you there! said...

I'm trying to "edit" a lot of things, too much clutter at my house.

I'll bet Uggs are comfortable but I'm not a fan. The skirt and tunic are great. The cardi looks like maybe it is too big?

Hope you feel better soon.


SHOEGAL said...

I think try the cardi with skinny jeans tucked into your Uggs. It might not work but I think there's too much volume with the skirt and cardi together. Got to be worth a try before you ditch the cardi.

Savvy Mode SG said...

i am thinking about a pair of UGG. are they that comfy?

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

First of all, my sympathies on the migraine -- I get them too and I know how much they suck!

As to the outfit, I like the color scheme...the way you pulled the blue from the tunic into the tights and the skirt goes really nicely with the top & cardi -- it's a very serene color scheme but not boring because of the blue.

I know the cardi is full and so is the skirt, but I think you pull it off because you are so petite. I think perhaps the boots may not work with that skirt, but then again, comfort counts and they DO look very comfy :)

I love your idea of rating your clothes -- that is wicked clever! In fact, I was thinking of rating my own outfits on a comfort scale because sometimes I think an ensemble can look good but maybe not function beyond the photo, you know? At least that's been my experience.

Great post, as always very inspiring...oh, and hope your migraine is better ASAP!

Sheila said...

Not an Ugg fan at all, but I concede that if they keep your feet warm they can't be all bad.

The chunky cardi doesn't do anything for you (especially in that colour). But really, Jane, you never look bad. :) Hope your migraine was quickly gone.

Cat said...

I tend to agree that there is too much volume here. Bulky cardigan + pleated skirt + Uggs gives an overall dumpy effect. (And you are definitely not dumpy.) I like all of the pieces, just not together. Perhaps pair the Ugg boots and pleated skirt with a sleek top, or the chunky cardigan over skinny jeans. Food for thought.