Tuesday, 24 March 2009

118 days to go: Schoolgirl Chic

I called this Schoolgirl Chic but it could quite easily be Old Lady chic.
I acquired this skirt from a charity shop.
It is an old lady style from Damart BUT I loved the colours and it is 100% wool. It's warm and doesn't cling even minus a slip.
I had it shortened but the first time I wore it in Liverpool I noticed a few schoolgirls wearing a similar skirt as part of their uniform.
I guess that's why I haven't worn it much.
It was cold and bright today with lots of howling wind so I added the scarf to keep warm.

I wore...
Skirt - Damart
Tights - Next
Shoes - Clarks
T-shirt - Primark
Cardigan - M and Co
Belt - Tesco
Scarf - eBay

Wardrobe Weatherwatch for Wednesday
Sunshine and Showers 8-9C


Passion4Fashion said...

The skirt is too great not to wear it if you love it. Show those school girls what FUN their uniform skirt could be!!!

Alison said...

I don't get a chance to comment much, but I have to say that you always look great. I love the plaid of the skirt too!

*Diane* said...

this is such a great outfit. that skirt is lovely, and you look so comfy in your scarf.

Heather Bestel said...

What a great look - and you pull it off beautifully!

Stacy said...

The skirt is great! I love school girl skirts!

Mervat said...

I just realised you only have 118 days to go...you are almost at double digits! Jane, how are you feeling as day 1 draws nearer?

Audi said...

Great outfit! It hints at schoolgirl without being too overt -- the scarf and the gray/brown combo gives it a more sophisticated look. Love it!

sallymandy said...

Great scarf Jane! I really like those big wound-around-your neck scarves on you. Nice skirt too.

Jane said...

Thanks for the very positive response to the skirt - I may well wear it more often now!
Mervat - I am looking forward to 100 days to go and feeling very good especially as Spring is around the corner and I can pull out some cooler clothes.

Sheila said...

You should wear it more! I love it - great colours and nothing beats a nice wool! Fab outfit, Jane!