Monday, 2 March 2009

Poll and skirt challenge update

Thanks to everyone who voted over the weekend.

And the winner was....

The results were:
1. Thursday with 48% of the vote
2. Monday - 30%
3. Friday - 11%
4. Tuesday - 7%
5. Wednesday - 4%

Now - the skirt challenge.
How about any three days within the next two weeks?
Cat and Sheila are already on board which makes three of us so far.
I plan to complete the challenge Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.
When you have completed the challenge leave a note in the comment box and at the end of the fortnight I will provide a round-up post with all participants featured.
I have decided to use the skirt I wore yesterday and am hoping to pick up lots of tips from my fellow bloggers.


Anonymous said...

I'll join in too.

Stephanie N. said...

I'm on board for the challenge! I have figured out which skirt I'm going to wear three ways, and I think I'll be doing so this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. My students will look at me funny, because it's a very recognizable skirt, but oh, well! Otherwise, I wouldn't be challenging myself much, would I?

I have never joined any blogging challenges, so I'm very excited! I had a show open on Friday, and so my schedule has shifted from working 60-80 hours per week to working only 35-40 this week and next, like "normal" folks, so the timing couldn't be better. I'm going to have fun with this!

see you there! said...

I think I was the only one who chose Wednesday :-) Fun to see what attracts different people.


Jane said...

Great news Spiragirl!
Welcome to the challenge Stephanie.
Thanks for voting for the skirt Darla - I do like it and am glad someone else did:)

sallymandy said...

You know, I really like this idea. You're now the second blogger I've read who's gone on a spending hiatus. I keep on thinking that not buying new clothes but only thrifted ones is okay...but in my case I can actually overspend even doing that. It would make me be more creative and lots of other good things to try this. Thanks for the inspiration. It's fun looking at your photos.

I have a new blog on personal style and a lot of other stuff that goes along with your philosophy. Hope you'll come check it out. I'm going to get on your followers list.