Tuesday, 3 March 2009

139 days to go: One Skirt Three Ways, Day One:Cowgirl

Wow! Now there are eleven plus me!
Twelve bloggers are now taking the One Skirt Three Ways Challenge.
They are:
Schoolgate Chic
My Shenanigans
my randam thoughts
froken lila
I have decided to style the three looks using different styles of tops.
Today it's a shirt, tomorrow it will be a long sleeve t-shirt and the day after a blouse.
This morning had to ride to the local station on my bike and take the train into Liverpool where I was attending a course on Creativity in Education.
I have to admit I spent too much time looking at what people were wearing, especially the men.
It made me smile to look at these talented individuals wearing the same uniform dictated, I have to say, by age.
The men in their 20s wore t-shirts and either cardigans or waistcoats.
The men in their 30s wore formal shirts unbuttoned at the neck.
The men in their 40s and over wore shirts, no tie but formal jackets.
It made me smile.
Out of the 26 women there I was the only one in a skirt.

I wore...
boots - Dorothy Perkins
skirt and tights - marks and spencer
shirt - Next (from a charity shop)
vest - Next
belt - Tesco


Goober said...

Me too - so make it 11!

Jane said...

You are now on the list Goober!

Imogen Lamport said...

I love people watching - you can tell so much about a persons personality, lifestyle, values and character by their appearance.

see you there! said...

Enjoyed your people watching post. I'm surprised at men in their 20's in a tee shirt and cardigan tho. I keep seeing girls in something call the "boyfriend cardigan" but I never the the boyfriend himself wearing it.


*Diane* said...

Thank you for letting me know. You're very kind for trying to include me :-)I'm in!!! I'll start next week!

Stacy said...

I find I'm often happier in a skirt... sadly it was about 2 degrees F out this AM so pants it was!

People watching is always such fun!

lunarossa said...

Your observations are very interesting, Jane. I can spend hours with someone and don't notice what they're wearing. I'm a bit distracted when I talk! Thanks for your advice about colours. I will try to find a dress and/or a skirt with some vibrant colours although it's now back to freezing cold and I'd rather wear a black woolie cardi!!! Good luck with the3way skirt challenge. I'd like to take part but I do not wear skirts very often and I wouldn't know where to start. Ciao. Antonella

Mervat said...

Can I be counted in too?? At the moment it is warm and humid in Sydney so skirts are a necessity!

Jane said...

You most certainly can Mervat:)

Della Street Dreaming said...

I've already done two & hopefully will complete the challenge by tomorrow!
I must say that I do find it a real challenge because I always wear different things every day & I rarely plan what I am going to wear each day.
But what fun!
I too, spend time when I'm at courses (or anywhere really) looking at people's outfits, which can be slightly depressing when a whole lot of high school english teachers are together.

Kathie Truitt said...

That skirt is adorable! Good job. Sometimes if a person isn't careful a denim skirt can be frumpy. This one definitely is not.

Christina Lee said...

looking forward to seeing all the looks!

Sheila said...

This is a cute outfit - I like the Western style of it.

I check out what people are wearing constantly. Sadly, in my building there are very few people who seem to have any flair with their style. I much prefer people-watching in town.

Work With What You've Got said...

Oh I love Cowboy style. This may be my favorite!