Friday, 6 March 2009

137 days to go: One skirt, three ways, Day three - Awayday

Apologies for the quality of this photograph but it was taken at 6am.
It was the Writers In Residence conference and required a four hour journey each way.
I spent the journey there writing which was good and the conference was great for catching up with the other mad people who do the same job!
There are just 20 of us in the UK doing this job and less than 100 across the whole world so the conferences provide a rare opportunity to share ideas and pass on good practice.
On the way back I sat with Clive, the director of the Writers In Prison Network, who is a writer, actor and film director. He was sharing great anecdotes about the work he has done over many years.
At 9pm as I sat on the final train home, safe in the knowledge that my workshop the following morning was taken care of with an actor/writer visit I got a phone call.
"Jane, it's Neil. I'm sorry but I've lost my voice and I won't be able to come tomorrow."
Panic - After a 15 hour day I now had to devise a three hour writing workshop for less than 12 hours time!

Today is the final day of my three day challenge which ends next weekend when I will be doing a blog round-up. Thanks to everyone who took part.

I wore....
Shoes - Clarks
Skirt - Marks and Spencer
Tights - John Lewis
Top - Asos
Cardigan - Principles
Scarf - Tesco


lunarossa said...

I don't know how you manage, Jane. After all your travelling, work, etc. you still look fantastic! You're a tough lady. Ciao. A.

i_b_erin said...

What a week!
Thanks for inspriring me to "push" my wardrobe even farther. I too had to finish my challenge with some animal print!Thanks for the challenge! Erin

Sheila said...

Congratulations on finishing your challenge - all your outfits have been marvellous!

I am boggled by your full life, Jane. Brava!

Stacy said...

I wish you'd do a writing workshop online... I'd so be a student!

fröken lila said...

i just decided, as the two weeks are not over yet, to expand the challenge a bit by two days for myself.. it was so much fun i just couldn't stop =)

Cat said...

This outfit was my favorite of your three posts. I like the purple and blue jeans together. The silvery scarf is a nice touch.

I finally finished posting all of the photos from the challenge. Yes, I did wear the skirt three day sin a row, I just didn't get around to posting three days in a row.