Monday, 9 March 2009

134 days to go: Happy Birthday to my cheeky monkey

I remember Wednesday March 8th 1995 so clearly.
It was a wintry morning - cold and wet - and I wrapped up my three-year-old before dropping him off at playgroup.
I returned home to tidy up and have a rest before collecting my firstborn at lunchtime for an afternoon treat to the fabric shop.
We had lunch out and then I bought some blue material and a little gold bell before returning home to transform it into a Noddy hat.
I fed, bathed and put my son to bed - snuggling up under the duvet with him to read his favourite Noddy story.
One hour later - at 8.30pm - the familiar tightening pains came and my husband drove us to hospital.
Forty five minutes later Joseph Michael made his entrance at breakneck speed and he hasn't stopped since.
Here he is a few days later in 1995 and on Sunday after opening his birthday gift, an Ipod Touch.
Don't you just love his slippers!
Happy Birthday Joe.

I wore...
Shoes - Clarks (using Paypal credit from eBay)
Tights and skirt - M & S
Top - Next
Cardigan - Principles


Christina Lee said...

Awwww happy happy birthday!!!

sallymandy said...

Hi! I've been visiting your blog for a week or so, having found it on Fashion for Nerds. I'm having fun seeing what you put together for outfits. After reading your post, I'd like to invite you over to my blog to read my most recent post, since it's so close to what yours says. My daughter also had a birthday this weekend. Congrats on another year of motherhood!

chic said...

Happy Bday to your son! I love your outfit, purple is such a good color for you.
S. of

lunarossa said...

Happy birthday to Joe!!! What a lovely handsome boy he is! And so tall. He looks so much like you! You look so much a proud mother. Have a nice celebration. Ciao. Antonella

see you there! said...

Happy Birthday to Joe! He looks pretty happy with that iPod.


Jane said...

Thanks everyone. Joe (and his slippers) had a great day.

Stephanie N. said...

Wow, he looks just like you. And I think this is my favorite of your skirt challenge outfits.

Stacy said...

Great outfit (love the colors!) and happy birthday Joe!

Mervat said...

Happy Birthday Joe! And, congratulations to you, Jane and hubby for bringing up such a fine-looking young man!


Kayleigh said...

What a handsome young man you have there -- love the slippers, too cute!

And my goodness Jane, WOW --you have barely aged a's startling, you looked amazing then as now :)

Cat said...

Ooooh, I like this outfit even better with the purple obi belt.

Happy Belated Birthday to your son! Love the slippers.