Monday, 16 March 2009

126 days to go: The First Day of Spring

OK so it may not officially be the first day of Spring but in my garden spring has sprung.
My fruit trees are bursting with buds, I dried two lots of washing outside, the earth smells warm and I felt the sun on my arms as I ran today.
I feel so full of the joys of spring - six months of light and warm (er) weather.
This winter has lasted far too long.
Is it a coincidence that I got a lot of work done today?
This evening I was leading a PR workshop and met five delightful women - two best friends who gave up their banking jobs to open a hat shop, a Polish woman who is already setting up her second business since arriving in the UK, a dynamic web designer and a creative agent.
I am sure you will be reading about them before too long.
Tomorrow I back in Liverpool for the final day of my Creativity In Education course so it will be on my bike to the station again.

I have noticed that some bloggers are still taking part in the One Skirt Three Ways Challenge so I will wait until the endof the week to report back.

Today I wore..
Dress - Next
Shoes - Clarks
Cardigan - Principles
Tights - Marks and Spencer


Goober said...

You look so cute!

And I love the basket on your bike. I'm so happy for the warmer weather so I can ride my bike - it too has a basket :)

Stacy said...

It sounds like you had a positively springy day!! It was still a bit chilly here. However, the rest of the week should be better.

lunarossa said...

I like how you combine your clothes to the colour of your bike! Still chilly here. So no bike yet. Ciao. A.

Heather Bestel said...

Can't wait to get back on my bike. Last Summer we got together with another family and all cycled 15 miles. It was a lovely day out with a picnic in the middle. I must organise another one this year.

Christina Lee said...

love this picture!I too am so excited about spring!

Candycane said...

Cute pic today :)

see you there! said...

You look quite ready for spring and I love your bike.