Monday, 2 March 2009

140 days to go: Back to Black Basics

I have to admit that little thought went into today's outfit apart from the blouse catching my eye are I opened my wardrobe today.
I have lots of work to do at home today and the rest of the week will be so busy. Tomorrow I have a course, Wednesday I am working in the prison, Thursday I am off to a conference in Nottingham and Friday back in the prison.
Friday evening I will have my friends round and Sunday is my soon to be 14-year-old son's birthday.
I need to opt for fail-safe outfits this week so will be trawling back through this blog to help me out.
Before I sign off don't forget to read about the one Skirt Three Ways Challenge. Schoolgate Chic has signed up so there are four of us now.
And finally, I'd like to say farewell to Karen from A Certain Age who has decided to bow out from the blogging scene.
I have loved reading Karen's posts and will miss her.

Today I am wearing:
Black Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Skirt - Matalan
Black Tights - Tesco
Blouse - George
Belt - M & S
Long sleeve t-shirt - Primark


Christina Lee said...

LOve the floral top AND the purple winner in the post below this one!!!

Work With What You've Got said...

Well it LOOKS like a really well planned outfit, so bravo.

Mamaoftwins said...

Thanks for visiting my Blog Jane. :)

I like your outfit for today. I really dont have alot of dresses or skirts. After watching what you all come up with in this challange I might have to invest in some.

Regarding the boots that I really like, your wearing them on day 148 labeled "Janus:Showing my best side".

see you there! said...

Sometimes just one piece inspires you doesn't it? This is a great combo.


Amazing Style said...

you look so pretty. i never dare co combine beacause i am affraid that i will fail.

Audi said...

For not putting in much effort you sure look terrific. Great proportions on this outfit, and I like the subtle pattern mix with the tights. Lovely way to wear neutrals.

Also, I missed the boat on last year's capsule challenge so count me in on this one!

Stacy said...

I just love the creative way you put things together - it looks fantastic!

Imogen Lamport said...

I've never seen you in a clanger - don't worry your pretty head!

Mervat said...

Very elegant for something you just threw together! Love the boots!

Jane, you are one of the very capable fashion bloggers to have inspired me to have my own 'fashion' blog (isthat new.blogspot). I thank you my friend!

My Shenanigans said...

I think I'd like to join the skirt challenge

Sheila said...

I didn't see this post until this morning when I'd already planned everything out for the week, so I'll be doing all 3 skirt looks this week!

I love this challenge - I really could have done an entire week (5 days), but I think I would get sick of the skirt.

You look beautiful - I love the bigass belt.

i_b_erin said...

I finally have a blog and a camera, and would love to join your skirt challenge!! Looking forward to seeing the creative ways you find to wear your skirt!

You look fab as usual!
Here's my blog:

*Diane* said...

Love the floral top! Great combination. its a bit too late for me to join this challenge, but the next one you have, i'm soo in there.

lunarossa said...

Love the combination floral+black. Suits you. May I ask you some advice? I'm going to a Brazilian party on Sat night and I should wear something colourful and I've nothing like that. Have you any idea what I could wear? Thanks. Ciao. A.

fröken lila said...

i just found your blog today and really like it! so, spontaneously i decided to take part in the skirt challenge, it'll be a lot of fun!

Jane said...

Thanks Christina.
Erin - I am so glad you think so.
Ellie - the boots are winter 2005 which probably explains why you haven't seen them around.
Thanks Darla.
Amazing Style - keep trying and don't be afraid to fail. I look back at my blog now and I smile (rather than cringe) but each day I have learned something new.
Stacy and Imogen you are so kind.
Good to have you on board Audi, iberin, froken lila and My Shenannigans.
I will be checking out your new blog Mervat.
Diane- you aren't too late.
Love the skirt today Sheila.
Antonella - I would say lots of yellow and green. Vibrant colours to brighten up the late winter nights.