Friday, 1 August 2008

353 days to go: A response to Fashion Addict

Blogger Fashion Addict has asked if we dress differently inside and outside.
The answer to this is: yes and no.
When I am choosing what to wear I take into consideration my day.
Until Sept 1st I will be working from home a little but mostly looking after the children who are on school holidays.
In this way I try and go for an adaptable look. A basic look that will take me inside and out.
Today I took my mum shopping and wore the outside outfit.
Then I came home, cooked and tidied up so went for the inside look by changing my shoes and taking off the blouse.
After lunch I will be taking my son and his friend to football camp while shopping for a couple of hours with my daughter so I will go back to the outside look.
I will keep this look unless I have to run around. Then I will revert to the inside look.
Maybe I should post both outside and inside looks every day
What do you think?
I am wearing

Cut off jeans..tesco (2008)
Orange vest top...Marks and Spencer (2008)
Shoes,,,Clark's (2008)
Necklace..Top Shop (2005)
Bracelet (Gift)
Ear-rings (home-made)

Cut-off jeans
Orange Vest
Orange Birkenstocks
Jewellery as before.


Sheryl Wong said...

this seems like a good way to change your looks easily!

WendyB said...

I pretty much don't wear clothes at all inside. LOL.

SHOEGAL said...

TMI Wendy B!

I generally post pics of my work outfits but I'll usually change into crop jeans when I get home at the moment.

see you there! said...

Great way to make it through the day.


melmo said...

you look great!

Fashion Addict said...

Hi there!

I'm flattered that I inspired your post for today. I'm glad I'm not the only one that dresses a little down inside the house. Thanks again for commenting on my posts and I love your style!