Sunday, 31 August 2008

324 days to go: A dirty job

It's a dirty job but someone has to do it - clear the garage that is.
My faithful Cowboy Boots were back on today (although I think I will be giving them a rest now they are well worn in for the autumn).
While we were clearing out I rediscovered two ballgowns my 80-year-old mother in law gave me. They were handmade in the 1950's out of a very heavy satin and lined.
My favourite is a rust coloured gown with diamante and feathers stitched at the front. The buckle at the back needs repairing. The other is an eau de nil with a textured gold bodice.
Why are they in the garage you ask?
They smell. When I kept them in my room it quickly developed the scent you normally associate with Miss Haversham - rotting and decay.
They are badly in need of love and attention. And a damn good clean. But I fear this will be very expensive. And will I wear them? And will it be worth it?
Any advice greatly received.
By the way I wore..
Gap Jeans (2008)
Rust top (M&S 2008)
Cowmboy Boots (as before!!!)
Top Shop Necklace (2005)


Anonymous said...

Jane, so fun to see this as I just inherited by grandmother's wedding ensemble from 1929! It is in pretty good shape, and I can wear it, but it needs some serious attention. I was going to look into someone who can restore vintage clothing. There also was a bedjacket that I took to the regular cleaners as it was in SUCH great shape. It will be great as a wrap over a tee shirt even. Do the gowns fit you?

workthatwardrobe said...

Karen - Wow do you have pictures of the ensemble?

The dresses fit although as my mother in law is about 5 inches taller than me they would probably look better shortened a little. I think I will take them to a tailor to check out and get an estimate. I will probably start with the rush coloured one.

see you there! said...

Yes, take them to someone and at least find out the cost of repairs. Surely you'll have an invitation to an elegant evening pop up over the holiday season.


Anonymous said...

Jane, I'll get them cleaned up first, then model for you when I get back from Paris on the 12th.

KT said...

Jane, you have got to have these cleaned and wear them. How could you not? They are fabulous and what a fun story! I would feel so sassy in these if I were you!