Friday, 8 August 2008

Clothes I have Loved and Lost:Part Six: Suede

Clothes I Have Loved and Lost: Part Six – the brown skirt

Looking at this photo I can now see instantly what is wrong. The skirt is too long and the waistcoat is far too big for me.
But I loved those clothes. I bought the skirt from Monsoon. It had a strange fastening at the front and folded over itself each side at the waistband. I loved the style and bought one in brown and one in blue. They were in the sale for £12.95 each. The year was 1994. We had just returned from our summer holiday in the Canary Islands where I had discovered I was pregnant with my second child, Joe, who is now 13.
The little chap at my side is Sam, wearing the top hat my brother, John had worn the day before at a wedding.
I wore that suede waistcoat a lot. Suede was big in the mid-90’s, even the shoes were suede!


notSupermum said...

Yes, I had a dark brown suede waistcoat in the early 90s which I wore at every given opportunity. I had it for years. I have a photo of me wearing it with a terracotta dress and brown and orange scarf, and holding my newborn daughter Anna in 1996.

I love reading your blog, I check it everyday!

workthatwardrobe said...

I am glad you enjoy reading the blog. Likewise. Have you booked that hair appointment?

notSupermum said...

Erm, no I haven't. Will do it tomorrow, promise!