Sunday, 3 August 2008

351 days to go: Ain't No Sunshine

There is no trace of sunshine today so sartorial therapy was called for.
I put on MY magic sunglasses (yes, my daughter has agreed to give them to me) and added some yellow to the mix.
I bought this skirt in 2004 but have only worn it once. I love the skirt but never seem to know how to wear it.
Keeping this blog has given me confidence to try things out and not worry if they don't work but learn from them.
I love to keep learning.
Anyway I threw on a yellow vest top from Gap and some gold sandals I picked up in the sale at my local supermarket (Tesco) a few months back.
I haven't worn these shoes before but I think I am in love (again!)
So here goes...

Skirt...TK MAX (2004)
Gold Sandals ...Tesco (2008)
Yellow Vest top..Gap (2008)
Sunglasses .. Tesco (2008)
Necklace...Gift (2007)
Belt..ASOS (2008)


Stacy said...

I think it looks cute! I like the skirt. And, the shoes totally rock!!

see you there! said...

Nice. I'm amazed at the things you've had for awhile and never worn or only worn once. This must be a major challenge. Good for you!


KT said...

I love the skirt. I picked out a yellow skirt from JCrew I want and they have it paired with a yellow sweater. It works. I put it on my blog or you can go to JCrews website to see. I like how you did the belt too.

Sheila said...

Great outfit - LOVE the shoes! You could do a little cropped jacket (or a fitted blazer) with this skirt. You could also shorten the skirt just a titch. A very slimming look - brava!

Elegance Personified said...

I really like this outfit, especially the gold shoes & the skirt. Your hair and pose look incredible here, too.