Thursday, 28 August 2008

326 days to go: Working the Wardrobe

The great thing about this experiment (not buying clothes for a year) is that I get to experiment. I don't feel afraid to make mistakes. And looking back I have made some howlers.
But I do feel free. Free to make mistakes and free to play around.
I liked the boots, belt, dress combo from yesterday so last night I thought about how I could work it again.
I love this dress, it's a DVF, bought on eBay for about £50 in 2005. I don't wear it nearly enough because I had always kept it as a going out dress. Not an option when you need to maximise the wear of your wardrobe.
So here it is....
Red and white DVF dress (2005)
Belt..ASOS (2008)
Cowboy Boots (as yesterday)
Necklace..Tesco (2005)


Stacy said...

Such a pretty dress. You look great!

see you there! said...

The boots and belt work don't they? I'll bet we see that combo again.


notSupermum said...

Another great look for you. You must have a very extensive wardrobe - you seem to have an endless supply of lovely clothes. If I tried the same experiment you would see the same things reappearing over and over again!

SHOEGAL said...

Great dress! Definitely give it more of an airing, life's too short to save a lot of things for best.

Sheila said...

I think I might have done a structured black shoe with this dress instead of the boots, otherwise, you are rockin' it!