Tuesday, 26 August 2008

333 days to go

The results of our eldest son's GCSE exams.
My mun had picked then up form school and phoned over the reuslts at around 11am.
He had done well.
He had also met a girl on holiday who had done very, very well.
That evening we went out for a meal with her family and rounded the evebing off with Karaoke.
Our son and his girl sang "Summer Nights".
I sang "Holiday by Madonna!"
We all ended the evening with a midnight swim in the Med!

Blue Bikin .. Tesco (2008)
White Skirt.. New Look (2005)
Pink Vest.. Gap (2007)

Red Spotted dress.. Tesco (as before)


KT said...

Love this look. Love the thought of karaoke night even more.

Anonymous said...

So well put together and perfect. But Jane, watch the boobies spilling out of your tops, even for vacation! I say this lovingly but with conviction. Okay if you're 24, but dicey if you're 44.