Wednesday, 6 August 2008

348 days to go: Waisted Jeans

I am so happy that waisted jeans are back in. I really struggle with those that hang on your hips. If you tuck in a blouse it always seems to come out and the vest tops never seem long enough. I had bought a high-waisted pair of jeans earlier this year which I will be wearing but until then I have created a waist with these jeans. I had tried to tuck in the shirt but it kept coming out.
I went for jeans because it is craft day today. We will be making all sorts of things (A BIG MESS, REALLY) today so thought it would be a jeans day.
I wore...
Gap Curvy Jeans (2008)
White Cami..Zara (2005)
White and lilac spotted shirt..Primark (2006)
Shoes..Clark (2008)
Necklace...Top Shop (2005)
Belt..River Island (2008)
Sunglasses..Tesco (2008)


Anonymous said...

I like the tucked in look too, but nothing seems to be cut long enough to actually stay tucked in. Love your look today.

KT said...

This is a great look for you! Love the belt with the hi-waisted jeans!

Sheila said...

You look great, Jane! Long legs, small waist, chic...what more can I say? Effortless casual.

notSupermum said...

That's a great look you have there - as a friend of mine might say it's 'casual but funky'.

see you there! said...

Great casual look. I enjoyed the 80's too.

BTW, I put "Beach House" on reserve at my local library, always looking for a good book.


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

you look great, and that belt is great too! i love the look!

workthatwardrobe said...

Spiragirl - Let's hope the high-waisted look stays!
KT - Thanks. I feel much better than yesterday.
Sheila - Long legs! I wish!
Notsupermum - I love that phrase I think that's the style I will aspire to.
Darla - My fellow 80's fan, thanks. I am enjoying the book. I love Nan, the "casual but funky" 60-something heroine of the book. I am always looking for icons, a couple of decades older so I can still feel young (ish) but have something to aspire to.

Leslie said...

Great look! So classic, yet updated--denim and white never goes out of style and I love it!

Audi said...

Jane, this is sheer WOW! Fantastic proportions for you. Understated and chic!