Tuesday, 5 August 2008

349 days to go: Copycat

I think the great power of blogging is the power to share ideas and thoughts with people who you may never meet.
And you can learn from them - blog and grow.
I have picked up so many styling tips from other style bloggers that I think I am slowly getting my act together.
This morning I was wondering what to wear when I checked in with Audi's latest blog (you can see the link on my blog list - Fashion For Nerds).
She had worn white capris under a dress.
I knew I had clean, white capris hanging in my wardrobe and a dress I love to wear.
And the other great thing about blogging is that the chances of bumping into a fellow blogger are very remote.
Here's an additional pic of me when I DID bump into someone wearing the same dress.
I had organised a charity ball and the guest of honour (a Soap actress of the time) wore exactly the same dress as me. Doh!
So here it is......
White Capris....George (2008)
Print Dress....River Island (2008)
White wedges.....Tesco (2008)
White Belt...Miss Selfridge (2008)
Necklace...Top Shop (2008)
Ear-rings...made by my daughter.

Red Dress..Debenhams (2002)


Stacy said...

You look so summery and pretty!

see you there! said...

I agree with Stacy. I like the length of your cropped pants too, some are too short I think.


Della Street Dreaming said...

I agree with what you said about The Power & Influence of Blogging. Also, for me, flickr's wardrobe_remix has had a huge influence mainly on inspiring me to only buy thrift shop clothes & shoes.
You look great in those capris too.

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic!

SHOEGAL said...
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SHOEGAL said...

Great outfit today! And is that Rachael Lindsay from Brookside? You certainly had a glamourus past life! Any more celeb friends/acquaintences we should know about?

Audi said...

Glad I could inspire you! I also get tons of ideas from other blogs. That dress is adorable, and the white shoes are just perfect for avoiding the leg-shortening phenomenon can happen with capris.