Thursday, 7 August 2008

347 days to go: Out of Africa

I feel this dress has an African theme. I love the print and the bold yellows, blacks and browns which conjure up for me the great plains of Africa with lions, tigers and wildebeest roaming around.
It came from the not so exotic Primark in Liverpool.
I was going to wear a necklace but there is pretty wooden beading around the bodice and the neckline which I thought was more than adequate.
I thought this gold cuff which I have had for several years (but hardly worn) went just right with the dress.
It was hot today, for once.
I am late posting as I spent most of the morning in jeans trying to clean the house.
But in the afternoon I went to see my friend Denise who has just returned from a trip to New York, Miami and Florida Keys. I spent two hours chatting, catching up and flicking through the 300 photographs she had. It looked so fabulous.
I went through two coffees which meant two trips to the bathroom. And I love Denise's bathroom; it is where she stores her archive of Instyle Magazine. She has every copy from 2002.
Dress.. Primark (2008)
Shoes..River Island (2008)
CUff ( Can't remember)
Ear-rings ..Gold Hoops (Gift)


KT said...

OK, that dress is very cute but I am so amused at the thought of photographing someone's bathroom! Here is my question: Does she shower in there? How do the pages not get all wonky from moisture/humidity/steam?

workthatwardrobe said...

Denise - it's over to you!

kplondon said...

I love your blog and am so tempted to take up the same challenge not to buy clothes for a year. I certainly don't need any, and it would force me to be more creative with the (many) clothes I already own. So here's the question - have you been tempted to cheat yet? Do you think a fashionista really can make it for a year without buying? Any tips on how to stay true to the challenge? Thanks!

workthatwardrobe said...

KP - Give it a try, you never know. I used to see clothe sin magazines and place an order on the web or go shopping. Now I cut out pictures form magazines that I like and recreate the look with what I've got. I now shop in my own wardrobe. The hard times will come in winter when I am cold and feel drab. Winter is not my best season. So far I haven't been tempted but it is early days.