Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Farewell to the Eighties

Before I sign off from the eighties in my "Clothes I loved and Lost" series I thought I would leave you with this one.
For my 40th birthday the theme was Rock Idols of the past 40 years.
Of course I went for the iconic rock goddess, Madonna. Guess which is the real one?
Here I am watched by Roy Orbison (my dad) and Lulu (my mum). If you look closely in the background you will see Boy George, some Pink Ladies and John Lennon!


Stacy said...

I'm mildly disappointed you didn't go for the cones with tassels Madonna (ha!).

KT said...

You are simply amazing!

Sheila said...

I love your chutzpah! I went to an "80s Prom Night" theme party a couple of years ago and hauled out my Madonna stuff too. Even crimped my hair.

WendyB said...