Sunday, 30 November 2008

232 days to go: Pink

I make no excuses for my head to toe pink outfit.
I love pink and so what I'm still (not) a rock star!
Don't worry I toned it down with a black hat, black gloves and black coat when I went out Christmas shopping.

Black Boots - Zara
Pink skirt - Boden
Pink long sleeve top
Black thermal t-shirt
Pink cardigan - Primark
Scarf - I can't remember


see you there! said...

You don't need an excuse to wear pink since you wear it so well. I'm on the look out for a pink sweater but it has to be a very pale soft pink and long sleeved. One of those things you can imagine but seldom find.


notSupermum said...

Nice outfit!

I've finally got my capsule list sorted - I've posted it on my blog today. Looking forward to the challenge!

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

I think you look GORGEOUS in pink -- and anyone who looks that good in any color never needs an excuse to wear it :) I love the outfit!

Anonymous said...

Pink is your neutral, and the neutrals are your accents!