Wednesday, 5 November 2008

257 days to go: Guy Fawkes Night

It is Bonfire Night tonight and after watching a firework display we will be enjoying our usual bonfire with hot dogs, red wine and lots of other goodies in the back garden.
Every year we share the evening with our friends Kevin and Denise and their two children.
We say we are doing it for the kids but I expect we will still be doing this when they leave home.
My husband and Kevin are both Scout/Cub leaders so we have borrowed the camp fire shelter which means whatever the weather we will be outdoors.The last time we borrowed the fire shelter was in May when the ten of us went to Shell island for a camping trip on the windiest weekend of the year.
By the third night we had just one tent left and the ten of us slept in one 4-man tent.
It was very cosy!
Today I wore
Blue Kaftan (last worn here with a little less underneath)
Gap Jeans
Red t-shirt - Primark
Red Scarf M&S
Boots - Zara


see you there! said...

Sounds like a fun night. Hot dogs and red wine? I guess so. If there we LOTS of wine, LOL!


Sheila said...

Love the blue and red together.

Ah...a bonfire would be lovely on a cold November evening. Happy Guy Fawkes' Day!

Boutique Girl said...

We are having our bonfire BBQ on Sat night! This will be the second year we have had one - I am hoping that it will be an annual thing!