Tuesday, 11 November 2008

251 days to go: A dress for all seasons

The last leaf flew off my little tree today so I guess it is officially winter here.
I was feeling a little mixed up about what to wear today and decided to premiere a new eBay swap - this Urban behaviour dress.
I feel this will be a dress for all season.
Long sleeve top and tights underneath for winter.
A cami (brown or aqua) and a cardigan for Spring and Autumn.
Just the dress and strappy sandals for summer.
So far I see three people have signed up for yesterday's Capsule Wardrobe Challenge which begins on December 1st - but there's still time!

I am wearing....
Urban Behaviour dress
Tights - New Look
Long sleeve T-shirt - C&C
Shoes - Clark's
Scarf - free with Prima magazine


Sheila said...

I love this dress - the colours are so pretty! A brown skinny jean/pant would look great under this too.

I am excited about the 10 item challenge. Question, though: do accessories count or not? I'm thinking jewelry, belts, scarves.

Christina Lee said...

OOOOOOh I like all the pretty colors!

Jane said...

Thanks Christina.
No accessories don't count this time - maybe we will make it a little tougher in the Spring!

Michelle@Life with Three said...

That color is great -- especially for winter, because it's so bright and vibrant. It would chase away the "winter blahs" for me in an instant.

see you there! said...

Great colors. I can see it with browns too like Sheila said.


Mervat said...

Beautiful, just beautiful!

Is it just me, or have you become more 'adventurous' with the tiems you piece together since starting this blog? You just keep make your wardrobe work so well together and you seem to be swapping pieces that go well with your existing things. Well done!

Jules said...

Those tights are a fab shade