Friday, 21 November 2008

241 days to go: Vote For Magazine Shoot Outfit

I need your help.
In February my husband and I will celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary and we have been interviewed by a national women's magazine which is writing a feature on the subject of marriage.
On Monday a photographer is coming to take our photograph for the magazine.
Now I have that perennial problem - what should I wear?
And that dear readers, is where I hope you will help me.
You have already seen a vast amount of my wardrobe over the past five months.
And you probably have a better objective view of what works for me.
If you could take the time to vote for your favourite outfit or a mix of any already pictured I would be very, very grateful.
And of course in January you will have the satisfaction of seeing your style advice in print in the form of the outfit I will wear.
If you would like to help please leave a comment or email me at

Today is my last fling in a skirt before the weekend when it will be jeans and woolly pullies.

Have a great one.

I am wearing
Shoes - Next
Tights - Tesco
Skirt - ASOS
Vest - Thermal, M&S
Cardigan - Primark Cashmere
Necklace - Gift
Brooch - Old


notSupermum said...

How fab is that? And well done on getting to your 20th anniversary. Are you going to give a choice of outfits to choose from?

Also, which magazine will it be in? I read a lot of mags, so I'll be on the lookout.

Kasmira said...

I vote for some sort of skirted outfit. Like me, you look best in skirts.

As for color, you seem to look great in pinks and blues, so perhaps one of those? You might choose blue so that your husband can wear something cooridinated.

Have fun!

Christina Lee said...

Definitely anything in pink-because you look glorious in it and it lights you up-but I also REALLY liked the red dress from Monday!

Stacy said...

I really like that new DVF dress you have! I think it would look fantastic.

Sheila said...

How exciting! I'll have to have a gander through your posts and see what you've got, but I do agree with a skirt/dress and pink or red or blue.

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

Congratulations -- both on the anniversary & the interview! I'm still too new to your blog to think of anything off the top of my head, but I did immediately notice how well the pink looked so I agree w/Kasmira about the color.

Sheila said...

Okay, Jane, I went back through your entire blog to look at your clothes.

My favourite days:
250, 270, 271 (I love that orange shirt on you), 277, 290, 344, 351 (those shoes!). All of those days have elements that really work on you and flatter your body, whether it's the style, the colour or a particular item.

What I think you should wear:
- definitely a bright colour, but stick with a solid since you're being photographed. You don't want to be the big patterened blob.
- I love "The Party Dress"! Day 344. Could you do a pretty shawl or wrap with it? A nice dressy jacket with one of your obi-style wrap belts (day 290)?
- Love those gold shoes at Day 351! They would look fabulous with a solid tight for winter (don't be scared!), but maybe not for this photo.

The Party Dress, with one of the obi belts, with the gold shoes! That's my pick. :)

Jules said...


Definately go with a classic style that wont make you cringe in years to come. Since the feature is for January I would avoid anything that shouts "party". That look will be tired by then.
The DVF dress gets my vote.

metscan said...

You have had s o many outfits that have been so good. One recently seen was pic 244,which is very personal. Maybe you could change the pants to a dress? I also liked one on you pictured from the stairs when you are going to some party.

Jane said...

Thanks to everyone who had commented.
I have decided to go for the DVF dress with a lacy camisole underneath and navy blue boots.
I will post the pictures after the photographer comes and the magazine should be out in January.
Hopefully, my husband and I will still be together by then - only joking dear!!!