Thursday, 6 November 2008

256 days to go:NaNoWriMo Dress

I'd never heard of Noa Noa until I read Audi's fabulous blog and she mentioned the company.
I searched eBay and guess what, there was a new BNWT Noa Noa dress in XS with just minutes to go.
I used up the last of the funds I had accumulated in auctioning off my wardrobe and bid for this dress.
It is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever worn.
It came with a separate under-dress or slip in the palest of greens and the wrap dress with such wonderful detail which I have tried to show you here below.
I loved this dress so much it inspired me to create Eve, one of the characters in the novel I am writing for national Novel Writing Month.
I am wearing it today while I type the next 2,000 words of Eve's journal.

I wore dress - Noa Noa
Boots - Faith
Brooch - charity shop
Necklace - Drome, Liverpool


Sheila said...

Lovely! I'll swap you my skirt when you're tired of this dress, haha!

Boutique Girl said...

the dress is beautiful!

see you there! said...

Beautiful, and you look lovely in it.


Anonymous said...

Love the dress, but the boots are my favorite thing you own!

Stacy said...

Oh, the dress looks so pretty!

Christina Lee said...

how pretty!

Anonymous said...

That dress is lovely. How is the book coming along, I finally gave in and started mine today - was planning on giving it a miss this year but am now nearly 5,000 words in and really glad I decided to give it another go.

Audi said...

What a great find! The dress is lovely, and those boots are just perfect with it.

Adventure Mother said...

I'm jealous! Looks a lovely dress and really suits you.

Mervat said...

Jane, I think there'll be a frenzy with the search term 'Noa Noa' on Ebay as a result of this lovely dress. Terrific find...looks like it was made just for you! And those boots...they look perfect together.

Jane said...

Sheila - Touche!

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. It is a great dress and I love it. I am so glad you all like it too.

Spiragirl - I am up to 7,000. It is a slow but steady start and I am glad I started it slowly too. I have written every day which is the main thing. And like you it is difficult with children around. Keep going.

I bought the boots about three years ago in the sale at Faith. I don't wear them that often because they are:
1. A little too high
2. Fabric which means wet weather is out.

SHOEGAL said...

Love the dress and the boots. They definitely need more wear but it's hard when they are fabric. HAve you treated them with waterproofing protector spray?