Saturday, 1 November 2008

261 days to go: Party Clothes

I am feeling a little worse for wear today after too many spirits infected my drink at the Halloween Party!
We had a great time even though dh and I were the only people who bothered to wear fancy dress.
I am not normally an over-confident person but I think dressing up gave me the licence to be a little braver.
We walked right into the party late (my husband had football practice first) and made a dramatic entrance.
I walked straight over to a woman I recognised by sight but had never spoken to before and just started talking.
It did help that it was about books and she works in the local bookshop (where I recognised her from).
So clothes can be magic.
Today I rose at 6.30am to start my NaNoWriMo novel - I am sure you will be hearing a lot more of this over the coming days - before taking my eldest son to the coach station.
The theme for this week will be "dress up."
I am inspired by an interesting article in last Saturday's Daily Telegraph supplement about Barneys window dresser Simon Doonan.
He was asked: "Question you are always asked at parties"
He replied: "I usually tell people, "Go home, take all of your sensible work clothes, give them to charity and then just wear party clothes for the rest of your life."
So I am wearing..
Pink party sequin skirt from Monsoon
Black Polo - New Look
Fur gilet - Asda (children's section)
Black tights - New Look
Shoes - Clark's


see you there! said...

I don't have many party clothes but I do have one wonderful, glamorous long black dress languishing in the back of the closet. Should I wear that when I go to the grocery store this morning?


workthatwardrobe said...

Go for it Darla!

Heather Bestel said...

What a brilliant clothes philosopy.
I haven't worn business suits for years - always felt 'wrong' in them.
I think people accept that I will dress a little unconventionally because I'm a therapist.
I can float around in long swishy dresses as much as I please.
Do you think I could get away with a small tiara now and then.
Might try it and let you know.

Anonymous said...

I did a post about wearing party clothes for day, you have to go back to August to find it. I want your skirt and am going to have to steal it from you.

Mervat said...
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Mervat said...

Looking terrific in pink again! By the way, I have been curious if, during your clothes moratorium you tend to splurge on the things you are allowed to purchase (tights, books, make-up)...have you another purchasing outlet?

workthatwardrobe said...

Why not join me Heather and Darla.
Karen - I read your post - great!
Mervat - I did spend £40 buying make-up the other day but I rarely buy it and this will last me a long time!

Jenn said...

Dressing up is an excellent idea. I've been practicing in my new heels while also doing the supermarket shopping, and it does make you feel different.

I'm still in bed on my computer working on my own version of NANOWRIMO - finishing Cold Light. I've been at it since 7am, so it is time for some hash browns now!

that girl ? said...

love the outfit! very SJP inspired! I just bought a fur gillet from New Look - I keep reading that they're "on trend for Autumn" so I got suckered in! It was a bargain too - £25 with £5 off, plus I had a £10 New Look voucher so I shall wear it with Bargainista pride!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Good luck with your Nano novel! :)

Londyn said...

Love that skirt!