Thursday, 20 November 2008

242 days to go: Animal Magic

I took this skirt, hitched it up to my armpits and zipped it up making it a short dress.
Last time I loved the faux fur and red together so tried to experiment with the colours and lengths.
Both the colour and the texture of the faux fur collar seems to soften the polo neck and makes me feel very cosy and warm as I settle down to catch up with my NaNoWriMo novel - 35,0999 words so far!

Shoes - Clark's
Tights and Collar - Tesco
Skirt/Dress - eBay (Oasis)
Black Polo Neck and Belt - New Look


Stacy said...

love the skirt!

Kasmira said...

Oh, I love that belt! I want to visit New Look.

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

Hi, I'm kinda new to your blog :) I love the skirt -- it looks great on you both ways! What a cool idea, now I've got to go rummaging 'round my closet and try that with some of my longer skirts.

Sheila said...

It looks great! Not sure about the shoes...I might have gone with a red. The belt is wicked. I must have it.

SHOEGAL said...

I love this look! You've got me thinking whether I could do that with any of my skirts now - I don't think I could. And I think I eBayed my black & white check mini.
Fabulous belt, I love New Look for accessories.

LA Scene said...

That is a Hall of Fame Short Skirt. What a great outfit to bring home the bacon in!