Monday, 10 November 2008

252 days to go: Purple Rain

I sneaked this photo in between showers.
It seemed ironic that on the day I should choose to wear purple it would rain.
One of my favourite all-time films is Purple Rain and when I was a child I loved the colour purple.
When I finally got my own room at the age of 10 my parents let me choose the colour scheme. It was a wonderful opportunity to indulge myself so I chose purple and pink.
Yes I know - but it was 1976!
I am wearing
Brown gilet - Asda
Dress - Tu
Tights - Tesco
Shoes - Clark's
Long sleeved T-shirt - Primark


Stacy said...

Shades of purple are one of my favorite things this season!

i_b_erin said...

You love purple, like I love green!
I am enjoying your blog, reading it everyday-thanks for sharing your fashion victories. I have not bought any "new" clothes in the past year, all thrift store, or consignment (which feels like free)
Enjoy! Erin

Jane said...

I agree Stacy
Erin - lovely to hear from you and thanks for inspiring me to keep on going.

KT said...

I remember my parents let me choose a "theme" for Christmas a few times. One year I chose purple. EVERY gift was purple. ALL of them. It was kind of cool...

Anonymous said...

Oh! Now I guess I know what a "gilet" is!