Friday, 14 November 2008

248 days to go: Meet my photographer

I have just finished posting the review of Trinny and Susannah's book Who Do You Want To Be Today?
Who do I want to be today?
It made me think about the process I choose when deciding what to wear and I realised it was through a process of elimination.
I wanted to wear another tulle skirt
I wanted to wear pink
I wanted boots with a heel which were comfortable to wear
I wanted to be warm
So here it is.
Skirt - River Island
Boots - Zara
Tights _ Tesco
Shirt - Whistles
Vest - Oasis
Scarf - Marks and Spencer

And while I was writing the Book Review I realised that the look of the book was not just about the words but the visual impact of the design and photography.
So here is a picture of my photographer who steps in when I can't find the tripod - my 17-year-old son, Sam.
Sam is wearing....
Jeans, Top and Belt - Top Man
Shoes - Converse
Genes - me and his dad!


Jules said...

Good genes clearly

Sheila said...

You look great! Love the skirt and vest/waistcoat.

Sam is very cute.

see you there! said...

Thank you to Sam for helping get the daily photo up.


notSupermum said...

The book sounds interesting. I'm not keen on T&S either, but I like the sound of the book.

Btw, I wore my pyjamas for work today for Children In Need day. It was great, very comfy!

Anonymous said...

Awhhh, Sam is such a cutie! Is that really a good book, Jane? I checked out the tulle skirts from your friend; they are so gorgeous, but do I dare? I thought I was whimsical, but you are more so than I!!!Good for you, girl. But look on my blog at the pants I bought today! total folly!

Imogen Lamport said...

I love your thought process Jane on deciding what to wear - I usually start my day deciding what colour I feel that day, and then what shoe I feel like (heel, no heel etc).

There is a really great scarf knot that you should learn - it's like a hacking knot, but instead of bringing both ends through the loop at once, bring one end through, then twist the loop and bring the other end through - it gives you a plait effect and isn't so bulky.

Jane said...

Darla - I am very grateful to Sam too.
NSM - I love my pyjamas too.
Imogen - Thanks for that I will practise and credit the results on my post!